Video Celebration

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I am Chris Hood, founder of Video Celebration.

My vision is to help you translate special moments captured by video and photography into an engaging personalised video that is the perfect gift to share with your family and friends for years to come.
I hope you enjoy the process of bringing your memories to life again through a Video Celebration.

Chris Hood
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A Video Celebration is perfect for many special occasions. Using your existing video footage and photography combined with music of your choice and special messages using text or voice over, capturing your special memories in a new and engaging way.

Religious Celebrations such as Bar/Bat mitzvah or Confirmation
Memorial Celebration
Or just to say "I am thinking of you"

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A short Wedding Video example

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"I charged myself with bringing together a secret video project for a close friends 50th birthday to be shown at the celebratory dinner.

Chris, you helped me with every decision and even those details I didn't realise were important but would have an effect on the size of the projection of the video on the venue wall at the venue.  You advised me on converting old footage from tape, what scanned images sizes were best, on timing, theme and you even recommended how to best highlight the activities, friendships and memories that were of high value in my friends life.  You brought so much attention to detail to producing this movie that exceeded my expectations.  

Thank you Chris from the bottom of my heart, it was the best gift I could have given one of the most special people in my life and I know it will always be a treasured keepsake.   I believe everyone's life is worthy of a movie, because every act of living deserves at the very least, that level of recognition and celebration".  

Silvana La Pegna  

"Chris offers a one stop shop for all things Mac and video. He supported us from the moment we first considered purchasing a Mac through the early stages of basic use to great tuition in video editing. He has also completed a number of videoing and editing projects for us and we have been delighted to recommend his services to friends and colleagues."

Victor Zammit
Personalised Quality Service

Using the latest video editing software I can enhance and update your images, adding captions and/or voice over to add character and an individual touch to the message you wish to convey.

I can also be commissioned to capture additional material to give your Video Celebration an even more personalised touch using the latest photographic and broadcast quality video equipment and professional lighting. See the
Wedding page for further details and to view an actual example.

A Video Celebration can last for as long as required, most clients choose between 2 - 15 minutes dependent on the purpose, however they can be longer if required.

Here is example content for a 21st Birthday showing a timeline style. For more see the
Examples page.